As experts in the field of IT performance optimisation we host a number of thought-leadership events each year.

About Our Events

We run two styles of event, each for around 30 guests and run strictly according to Chatham House rules to ensure open, effective and valuable discussion:

  • Roundtable - with a guest speaker and discussion over dinner
  • Seminar - with two or three speakers and drinks and canapes

For our guests they provide a fantastic opportunity to network with and learn from their peers and experts. For us, they are an opportunity to discuss and hear about the most pressing business and technology challenges that the market is facing. This contributes to our role as a Trusted Advisor to our clients, and informs our R&D function and the evolution of our service offerings.

See below our recently held and upcoming events, all of which are by invitation only. If you are a senior IT leader within an enterprise organisation and would like to be invited to one of our future events please contact us.

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Upcoming Events

19th April 2018

Continuous Transformation - The New Normal for Enterprise IT


Adrian Ball

Head of Commercial Systems, easyJet

In his role as Head of Commercial Systems, Adrian leads the single largest IT programme the business has ever undertaken; it is critical to the continued growth of the easyJet brand, increasing revenue, and driving forward their customer experience.

The programme (known as FCP) is hugely significant in that it is providing the basis and the means for easyJet to adopt and succeed at continuous transformation, and is driving and enabling the ongoing evolution of their customer proposition.  easyJet recognises constant change is the new normal for enterprise organisations, rather than 'big bang' one-off transformation projects.

The overarching goals of the programme are to enable business agility, whilst radically reducing cost and accelerating the pace of change. The scope is radical and far-reaching, encompassing a decision around 'build v buy', adoption of cloud, agile and microservices.

In his talk, Adrian will outline the programme in more detail, covering the objectives, the approaches and methodologies adopted, the key risks (and how they are mitigated), lessons learnt, successes to date, and what the future looks like.

Adrian's is a fascinating story which has relevance for all senior leaders in enterprise IT.

24th April 2018

Performance Testing in CI

Thomas Barns

Thomas Barns

Principal Consultant

Ian Donnell

Ian Donnell

Senior Developer

This session will discuss the best practices and will include a demo of automated performance analysis in CI

There is widespread adoption of CI and everyone understand the importance of performance. However there are a number of challenges to managing performance in CI:

  • It's impossible to do effective performance testing in CI using conventional methods.
  • You just can't generate enough load for long enough periods of time to find out if thresholds are going to be breached in order to trigger alerts.
  • Test windows are narrow
  • Test environments are low scale; high-scale environments, always on, are expensive
  • Cannot delay the pipeline
  • Can't always just release to live – the case against move fast and break things

What are the Best Practices to address these challenges?

Thomas Barns
Thomas Barns is risk modeling and performance engineering service lead at Capacitas, where he is responsible for service definition and ensuring consistent best practice across projects. Over the past 10 years, Thomas has provided capacity and performance expertise to clients and owned the roadmap for developing Capacitas’s technical software solutions. During this time, he has seen a big shift in how software engineering is undertaken and viewed by the business and has built on this to introduce more effective and efficient performance risk management processes. This has meant a focus shifting away from large-scale system testing to a full lifecycle approach, alongside research and development in automated data analysis. Thomas is currently defining and governing performance engineering processes and standards for a multimillion-pound multivendor program of work at a FTSE 100 company.

Ian Donnell
Ian Donnell is a Senior Developer and the development lead at Capacitas with 4 years’ experience working in the domain of Capacity management and performance testing. Ian is responsible for running of the development team working to develop Capacitas’s software solutions. Throughout his time at Capacitas he has worked in both consultancy and technical roles giving him invaluable experience that allowed him to develop tooling centered around the automation of performance test analysis and the detection of performance anti-patterns. Ian is currently working to integrate analysis tooling into several large ecommerce companies continuous integration pipelines to help them deliver performant applications faster.

10th May 2018

Move Fast and Don't Break Things

Prasham Garg

Prasham Garg

Senior Consultant

Bradley Berwick

Bradley Berwick


Move fast and break things’ is a development mantra popularised by Facebook and picked up with enthusiasm by software development teams both small and large. The idea is that if you aren’t breaking things you’re delivering value too slowly. Don’t spend all that time designing, functional testing, load testing, stress testing, soak testing etc. – build code, get it out there and see if it works. With so many teams and big companies like Facebook adopting this approach, if it works for them surely it’ll work for me too.

But does it work for them?
We don't think so. Here at Capacitas we have developed an approach using our own unique agile methodology for performance testing- move fast and don't break things.

We will talk about shifting left; instead of conducting all the performance engineering modules at the end of the Sprint cycle, implement them in parallel with the software development activities each cycle. By using our unique R0F methodology and anti-patterns database, potential issues can be found and fixed earlier in the lifecycle reducing both cost and effort.

We will discuss the use of this methodology at one our clients; one of the Europe’s biggest airline.

Come to this talk to find out more!”

About Us
Prasham and Bradley are both consultants at Capacitas, and have delivered several large-scale performance engineering projects over the last 5 years. Both are advocates of the “shift left” methodology using in-house tools to integrate automated alerting into client’s Continuous Integration pipelines. This allows for immediate detection of performance defects as new code is developed, reducing testing overhead and escalation costs.

Past Events

Performance Testing In A DevOps World

Josh Crowther


Callum Nicolson

Junior Consultant

As DevOps becomes increasingly popular when delivering a software solution, it’s become even more important to provide Performance Testing with the breadth and depth of analysis required in demanding timeframes.

We have faced a range of challenges whilst trying to address the high demand for stable code with small time deltas; the ever-changing agile world means that we must move fast and ensure that we “shift-left”, something which is difficult when testing processes are not autonomous.

We’ve developed an analysis toolset, which uses Performance Test results to provide rapid analysis and alert us of performance defects. Our solution has zero manual intervention and has been designed to integrate with Continuous Integration pipelines.

Our presentation looks at our approach to successfully instrument a Performance Testing methodology for Continuous Integration; Including, the ideas and inspiration we had when designing our analysis solution and our mechanisms to determine whether code is stable.

31st January 2018

Challenges of performance in CI/CD

Thomas Barns

Thomas Barns

Principal Consultant

Sameena Hassam

Sameena Hassam

Principal Consultant

This session will examine the challenges of performance in CI/CD and how intelligent automation can help to address them. Automation of performance test execution has been around for years; what’s needed now is automation that will help analyse and identify complex problems quickly. We wil examine what this looks like.

In parallel with technological advances that advance our ability to assure system performance, there is a growing need for expertise in the performance sphere. We will discuss the enhanced role that performance testers and analysts (and assurance leaders!) will play - driving, delivering and assuring the performance of change.

28th Sept 2017

Digital Transformation at Arcadia: Derisking Change and Scaling for Massive Peaks


Jamie Ovenden

Digital and Retail Technology Director, Arcadia

Maintaining relevancy and market-leadership within a disrupted sector is a constant and growing challenge for enterprise organisations across verticals including Retail, Financial Services / Banking, Media, Insurance and Telecom. In these sectors the digital space has become increasingly competitive with ‘challenger’ startups disrupting traditional business models and revenues, and none more so than in the retail space.

Our guest speaker for this roundtable event is Jamie Ovenden (Digital and Retail Technology Director at Arcadia). Arcadia have been successful in remaining at the forefront of the retail sector for decades, continuing to grow and remain market-leaders both online and on the high street. In his talk Jamie will outline the programme of work Arcadia have carried out over the last three years (with performance experts Capacitas) to derisk their Digital Transformation and meet the challenges of rapid new product development, and scaling up massively during peak trading periods. The programme of work has gone across their entire IT estate, and throughout the customer journey to:

- drive up stability and resilience

- improve response time and throughput

- enable rapid and cost-effective scalability

- optimise efficiency and capacity

This has meant that Arcadia are able to:

  • release new products and features faster, with less impact and at lower cost
  • outperform their competition in terms of response time, throughput and scalability of their systems at peak trade
  • drive down infrastructure costs

How to Control Application Performance in a Cloud, CI and Microservices Landscape

Andy Caddy

Group CIO, Virgin Active

Kim Edwards

Senior Delivery Manager, easyJet

Danny Quilton

Director, Capacitas

Cloud, CI, and Microservices create a perfect storm for performance, availability and capacity management: as the pace of change increases and businesses demand ever greater agility and better cost control it's almost always the non-functional aspects that end up being 2nd class citizens, or simply not addressed at all. This event will explore the key challenges and possible solutions, bringing together IT professionals to debate, share experiences and learn from their peers and industry experts.


Andy Caddy (Group CIO, Virgin Active) Andy is Group CIO at Virgin Active where he gets to combine a passion for health and fitness with a mission to make people’s lives easier through the use of technology. He is currently 15th in the CIO 100 and is a regular speaker on the changing role of the CIO, IoT and big data. Andy’s keynote presentation will look at how customer expectations and market forces are driving IT departments to release code and deliver products faster. Technologies and methodologies such as Cloud, Agile, CI, DevOps, containers and microservices are all enabling this increased demand for velocity of throughput, but in turn they create a perfect storm for performance and capacity management, putting application speed and stability at risk and driving up OPEX costs.

Kim Edwards (Senior Delivery Manager, easyJet) Kim Edwards is responsible for the performance and capacity management of easyJet's commercial IT systems. easyJet has annual revenues of over £4billion and are Europe's leading airline: more than 73m passengers fly with easyJet annually, on over 800 routes across 31 countries. On a single day in October 2015 had 2.6million visits, selling around 800 seats per minute rising to a peak of sales equivalent to filling an Airbus A320 every seven seconds. Kim will take us through his experiences from the last ten years of managing performance and capacity challenges in an environment of rapid business growth in a highly competitive market; ongoing technology change; tight cost control; and extraordinarily spiky demand on peak sales days throughout the year.

Danny Quilton (Director, Capacitas) Danny is a highly regarded thought-leader and practitioner within the field of performance and capacity management. He co-founded Capacitas just over 15 years ago to help enterprise organisations solve performance and capacity challenges, and during this time has worked with the likes of easyJet, BP, Arcadia, RS Components and Nomura Investment Bank. Danny will take us through the role Capacitas have played in easyJet’s journey. His talk will cover strategies for shifting performance left in the product lifecycle and will go into detail on Capacitas' innovative approach to automated performance test execution and analysis within CI.

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